Dynabait is an established product in the South African market and is widely used with great success. Although Dynabait dry marine worms originate from saltwater, they are highly productive in freshwater too. The reason for this is their toughness and the fact that they give off much more scent than any land worm. Their saltwater success rate is not only the result of their scent, but also to the fact that almost any fish will eat them.
They have been tried and tested in South African waters with professional anglers such as Ray de Bruyn giving them a lot of credit.
Dynabait is simple to use! Soak in water for approximately 45 minutes and they are ready to use. If you cut them up beforehand they will soak faster.
Dynabait dry marine worms are farmed Australia from a sustainable source. After they have been harvested they are freeze-dried. This process extracts all the moisture from the worm leaving it ready for packaging. The freeze-drying process preserves the worms in such a manner that they never have to be cooled. This means that you can keep your worms in your car, tackle box or boat until the day that you want to use them.

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