Excalibur Tackle custom built rods are all individually hand built, to specific customer design criteria. Each new rod is detailed according to the details provided to the ‘Client New Rod Sheet’, which will detail all the individual components, their colour and any other detail finishes.
In the case of our surf rods, we pretty much solely build on our new ‘Shatani’ blank, which we developed in co-ordination with our manufacturer in Europe. They are a unique combination of various strengths of carbon cloths, wrapped around a mandrel of our own design. The rods are primarily produced as one piece, as a no-compromise statement towards performance. Multi-section rods have inherent issues with strength and loss of performance due to their sectional nature.
The benefits of the ‘Shatani’ blanks are firstly that they have tremendous power built into the compression zone of the blank, while having a supremely sensitive tip section for bite detection. They cast like a dream, and are equally at home in competition as in pleasure angling. Their real benefit over all other blanks is however through their lightness, which is a product of ‘MRS’ system of construction and the unique profile of the core mandrel used in construction.
Through our ‘no-compromise’ statement towards performance, have adopted a policy of only using Fuji components throughout all our rods, and feel that while other products might appear more decorative, for our rods only the best will suffice – Fuji or nothing.
Our primary range of rods are as follows:
Shatani 7-8oz – 4.30m long
Shatani 6-7oz – 4.30m long
Shatani 5-6oz – 4.00m long
Shatani 6-7oz Fixed Spool – 4.30m long, with ELS butt

The weights described are an indication of casting weight, and allow for the additional weight of baits to be added, while still maintaining superior performance from the rods.

A recent addition to the range is our ‘Cape Shark Special’, designed primarily as a high leverage rod, which in tests has shown lifting capacity in excess of 14kg, which is 30% more than previous best rod designs. The rod is 11’ long built to stand the rigors of fishing ‘The Mountain’, and defeat fish in short order. Despite its shorter length it will cast heavy (for example a yellowtail head) baits distances in excess of 100 meters with surprising ease. This little Demon has been tested with various weights, but we have found that when casting only a sinker for sliding purpose a 9oz or a 10oz sinker will get you more than 150 meters! Rods in this range considerably benefit from the addition of a Fuji gimble to complement all the other Fuji components, which include a high strength reel seat.

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