Rising Tide Magazine is the new kid on the block and it is taking the angling magazine market by storm. It is the first magazine in SA to exclusively contain quality rock and surf angling material! There is no more need to page through a magazine to find one or two relevant articles which are of interest. Rising Tide is loaded with high quality articles that focus on the area between the West Coast and the Eastern Cape.
Collector’s item is the first thing that comes to mind when you hold this quality magazine in your hands. We opted for the highest quality paper with a thick high quality cover. This is not a magazine that will be discarded after reading; rather you will have it proudly displayed on your coffee table for everyone to see!

First edition content:

• Brandewyn, Bokkoms & Blue Rays
• Bronze Whaler Caught at Soverby
• WCSAA Development Mini League
• Revitalising Reefs
• The SSEC:WC Corner
• Back to Basics: Knots 101
• Struisbaai Plaat
• Galjoen Season
• Getting a Grip on Circle Hooks
• Review of a New Companion, “Gooi Los!”
• Vleesbaai Surprise
• Cracking the Kei Code
• Sundays River Surf
• 2012 SASAA Senior A Nationals
• Fish Weights Catch of the Day
• Bait on the Braai

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Craig Van Der Poll
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For any further enquiries please contact:
Jean van Zyl
Cell: 072 443 1593
Email: info@probait.co.za

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